Honestly, we don't want Pat McQuaid...sorry Pat...

And neither do the UEC that represent the European cycling scene. Just the UEC alone gives Brian Cookson 33% of the vote in the upcoming election on the 27th September. Ooh to be a fly on the wall for that one. Gives me shivers.

Now, Pat is not one to lie down either. His legacy is littered with clashes with ASO (who own the Tour de France amongst others), his association with Lance Armstrong as well as attempts to change the UCI constitution without consent of the management committee. And he was, to be honest, in his day a reasonable bike rider. Sadly, the dictatorial approach does not sit well with the electorate - we hope - and 27 September may just be a good time to say goodbye - again - we hope. Thankfully his home union also have not promised him a vote - Umm Pat, I think it is time to say goodbye too.

Cycling over the last few years has managed to regroup itself to a certain extent. And we'd all like to believe it - I think.

But then again I thought that maybe the majority of South Africans would have seen the light in the last election and vote Jacob Zuma out, but that did not happen either. But it's coming and so I believe that we may finally see the back of dear old Pat.

Short and sweet.

The other important day is tomorrows release of IOS7. Then I will start worrying about the election.
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