The state of the nation...

Maybe I should call this post "What musical references can I find that most eloquently describe the poop we're in"...

After my rant earlier this week, I realised that I lost most of you with all that corporate IT stuff.

In today's post I return to my roots...South Africa, politics and our own apathy to do anything about the current state of affairs, mostly because we've become desensitised due to the apparent inability of the courts, the police, protesters and the government itself to stem the tide of crime, corruption and incompetence in those structures.

"Bastille: Pompeii"

Matt, my 10 year old, introduced me to this song a few weeks back. It's more than mildly addictive. What struck me most about the song is underlying theme. We all know the story of Pompeii, a city at the foot of Mount Vesuvius that was wiped off the map when the mountain finally blew its top in 79AD killing 16,000 people.

For me, the song could just as well be about South Africa (and maybe it is). The second verse"We were caught up and lost in all of our vices in your pose as the dust settles around us" may as well be about the addiction to money easily earned by corrupt individuals and Nkandla like scandals. And the chorus "But if you close your eyes, Does it almost feel like nothing changed at all?" could very well be the refrain of the electorate because in mosts cases we sit back and just accept it.

And sure, most of us are singing "How am I gonna be an optimist about this?"

"Kongos: Hey I don't know"

I've got to hope that our dear president has heard this song while driving in a blue light patrol somewhere as he peers out the window on country he rubbishes in favour of enriching his buddies while they prop him up - in the luxury to which he has become accustomed. But as his journey takes its course and the song progresses that the crown he wears becomes a little heavier. It is unfortunately apparent that he is just a "pawn" and we do ask ourselves where are all the heroes are because we need them badly now. Especially if there are any left in the ANC itself - however unlikely that seems.

"Tears are shed, a shame 
I should have known 
The crown weighs heavy
Heavy as I sit back in my throne

I say hey, it wasn't me
I'm just a pawn
But the devil's not into details
Where have all the heroes gone?"

"30 Seconds to Mars: Up in the Air"

I can only hope as the trip progresses on the road back to Nkandla that JZ may feel a little guilty. I hope that in his heart he may see the end is near and that: 

"A thousand times I tempted fate.
A thousand times I played this game.
A thousand times that I have said today, today, today."

And that maybe today, he will call it quits and fight against the corruption he helped create because at some stage his conscience must get the better of him.

"Muse: Supremacy"

Now while we hope that our sumpreme commander and his comrades / co-conspirators would see the light, the truth is while you're coining it at the expense of your minions, a time may come when (and I think it has already started with service delivery protests) your minions will rise up (hopefully using a ballot and not a cricket bat) and depose you. Because our freedom is a fantasy and at every turn there are indications that it is being eroded even futher...and it may just be time to destroy your supremacy Mr Zuma...

"Wake to see
Your true emancipation is a fantasy
Have risen up and overcome the brave

Greatness dies
Unsung and lost, invisible to history
Embedded spies
Brainwashing our children to be mean

You don't have long
I am on to you
The time, it has come to destroy

Your supremacy

Never a truer word

The time is coming for South Africa. We are at a critical juncture. Not since 1994 has there been a more significant time for South Africans to stand up and be counted. The 2014 elections are as important as the referendum in the 90's.

Time to stand up and be counted...
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