The inglorious bastards who occupy Cape Town traffic intersections...

This is not a story about beggars at lights. It is about the dimwits who consider the intersection as a parking place in the vague hope that there will be enough space to cross over before the lights change. Invariably these knob ends block up the traffic to such a degree that the tail back is felt for miles. You know who you are and generally are the same twits who complain about cyclists riding through the red lights - not that I condone this rather dangerous practice either.

Last year alone it was reported that approximately 80 drivers a day are caught jumping red lights. What this article does not highlight is the disruptive practise of jumping the red light and not being able to completely cross the intersection thereby blocking oncoming traffic when the light changes in their favour.

Often the downstream implication of this behaviour is ignored by offending drivers who wave you off with an apologetic hand signal.

I have often been on the receiving end of these wrong doers and have once or twice been the subject of other drivers rage by doing so myself - obviously unintentionally.

Rule: The intersection is sacrosanct

The solution is simple. The intersection between the lights is sacrosanct. It is owned by the god of smooth traffic and should never be sullied by your vehicle under any circumstances other than those provided by traffic law.

The rule is simple. Never enter the intersection - even if the light is in your favour - unless you can completely cross the intersection, unless there is a turning lane and you are actually turning.

I am sure this happens everywhere...

But Cape Town drivers are by far the worst at violating this simple rule because we tend to be in too much of a hurry to drop off our little darlings at school on time in order to rush off to the office in time to catch our first coffee with Bill. 

All I am asking is that we try to be a little more considerate. Just because the taxi driver shoots down the emergency lane or through the empty parking bays on the side of the road does not mean that we can all drive like lunatics. 
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